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The UK produces over 400 million tonnes of CO2 per year
The UK produces 400 million tonnes of CO2
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We need to plant over 1½ billion more trees to become carbon neutral

but we don't have the space

Below are some simple CO2 facts, do they surprise you?

Flying creates a massive amount of CO2

A return flight from London to Athens creates 400kg of CO2 per person. It takes a grown tree 16 years to offset this amount of carbon. This does not include any of the CO2 cost to manufacture the plane, just purely for the flight.

Have you ever tried to work out your carbon footprint?

You'll find a minefield of conflicting information and after spending a considerable amount of time (and money if you are a business) at best you'll end up with a rough estimate that you aren't quite sure about.

Scientists say growing trees has mind blowing potential

Planting trees is the biggest and cheapest way to tackle the climate crisis. Trees store pollutants such as carbon and release oxygen into the atmosphere. Scientists say the effects trees have is mind blowing - they can negate the emissions that are pumped into the air by human activities.

The shocking CO2 cost of a laptop


In its lifetime a Dell laptop creates 350kg of CO2. Carbon dioxide is a gas, it's extremely light (350kg is nearly 200 cubic metres of CO2). Here is a link to the Dell carbon footprint whitepaper.

The one figure we keep seeing is that it takes one tree 40 years to absorb 1 tonne of CO2. It would take a grown tree 14 years to offset a Dell laptop, but a new tree takes even longer.

Now look at the gadgets around your home/office, think about your journey to work/holiday, how many trees do you think it would take to offset your footprint?

Why are we doing this?


Oblong (UK) Ltd are a data processing business trusted by large companies to improve their business data. We tried to calculate our carbon footprint and find a responsible supplier to help us become carbon neutral.
We found the experience confusing and often the information was unclear and contradictory. But companies need to be able to quickly and easily offset their carbon emissions, without being put off by the complications of calculating an accurate carbon footprint, without breaking the bank and without having to investigate suppliers to see if they are trustworthy.

We decided to create a simple solution for everyone, one that doesn't waste time calculating a carbon footprint, but just allows you to make a difference.

Our Logic

We know we need to plant more than 1.5 billion trees
(according to the Committee on Climate Change).

Government plans fall way short of ever hitting target.

It's not feasible to plant this many trees in the UK alone. So we have to plant overseas.

Trees should be planted responsibly and not ruin endangered habitats.

Larger companies have a bigger carbon footprint, therefore paying an amount per employee is a good way to account for size.

Each person in the UK should take responsibility for their carbon footprint.

Not all companies/people will participate. So we need to over compensate for these.


A 10 year plan for every person/business to offset their carbon footprint.

The 10 year carbon offset plan
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Forget trying to work out your individual carbon footprint.

Take action...

1) Adopt sensible steps to reduce the amount of carbon you create.

2) The best way to remove carbon from the atmosphere is to plant trees - responsibly.

We have created a 10 year affordable tree planting plan. Any business or individual joining the plan will have planted considerably more than their share of trees at the end of 10 years.

For Businesses
£1.50 per employee per month
(business prices exclude VAT)

For Individuals
£10 per year (including VAT)

Our 10 year plans are designed for the average person/business. If you know you create more CO2 than others and/or would like to help more then let us know - any extra is warmly received.

The UK needs to plant 1.5 billion trees to become carbon neutral (committee on climate change). This fact has been widely published.

Divided down, that's 23 trees we need to plant per person, if we achieve this then the UK would be carbon neutral. Our individual plan will plant over 60 trees per person over 10 years.

There are 35 million people employed in the UK. If each employer planted 43 trees per employee then the UK would be carbon neutral. Our business plan plants over 240 trees per employee over 10 years.

These plans are affordable, the personal plan plants over double the average persons quota and the business plan plants of five times the average employees quota. 

The bottom line is WE NEED MORE TREES, every single tree makes a difference and you can help!

Taking action now is better than doing nothing!

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