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Oblong (UK) Ltd was Established in 2006

Oblong are a leading data improvement company. We are trusted by companies to enhance their sensitive business customer data with industry classifications (SIC codes).

Large utilities companies use us to add industry classifications to their business customer data as they have a responsibility to send industry information on to the government. So that, for example, the government can keep track on the types of company that produce the most waste.


Charitable Status, not for profit and VAT.

We hope this section of the website doesn't stay like this for long. In September 2019 we launched our CO2 offset scheme, so it is still early days. If we are successful we'll change the following but we felt it wasn't worth registering as a charity etc until we can prove this is a viable sustainable venture and we need your help to prove this. We feel it important to be honest on this topic.

At this stage we are a VAT registered company and therefore have to charge VAT on all goods sold - we hope soon to have some good news on this.

We need to make sure we can succesfully grow this side of our business, if so then we'll look at separating out OblongTrees from our main business and look into registering as a charity.

We intend to operate OblongTrees as a not for profit side of the business. We hope to cover costs and possibly put a little aside as a buffer but the rest of the money will go into planting trees.

Company Carbon Offset Plans

We have access to a wealth of business information

We are using the information we have on UK businesses to help get trees planted. We are reaching out to over a million UK businesses, educating them on CO2 output and offering them a solution to offset their carbon footprint.

Our research shows not many businesses are trying to offset their carbon footprint and we feel ideally placed to get in touch with these businesses and offer them a simple low cost solution.


We've included this information about our company to give you a bit of insight and to show we are a reputable company that has been established over 10 years. For more information visit our website

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