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together we Can make a big difference

Imagine if everyone funded a handful of trees a year - the change would be huge

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Reduce our burden and then mitigate

We all produce CO2 and other harmful gases, we should each try to minimise our impact but we should also take positive action to balance the unavoidable - tree planting is a great natural way of doing this. The facts about the effects of CO2 are widely available throughout the internet, we all now know CO2 contributes to climate change. Our aim is not to inform, but to act, if you are on this website you've probably already decided to offset your carbon footprint - we hope you choose us to help! 

Helping wildlife. With our UK planting, we plant a large variety of native tree species, we aim to create rich biodiverse sites. We're looking at growing wild flowers in between our trees for the first years, we also plan to install lots of bug hotels across most of our sites. With our international planters, most of them have a goal to not only plant trees, but to help the local wildlife. Our Australian planter for example is planting corridors of trees, to give koalas safer routes. Our North American planter is planting trees along riverbanks to clean the water & increase the local salmon population which the struggling orca population out to sea feed on.

We use responsible tree growers that don't harm rare habitats. It is important that the right trees are planted in the right places, we vet our suppliers to make sure they know what they are doing.


  • Take pollutants such as CO2 out of the air and store it
  • Create oxygen
  • Stabilise land and riverbanks - fewer mudslides and cleaner water
  • Slow surface water and reduce soil erosion
  • Provide shade and reduce the temperature around them
  • Support insect, bird and bee populations


  • Builds communities and makes land safer
  • Reverses years of pollution
  • Creates habitats for wildlife
  • Employs people often in povery stricken areas
  • Reverses climate change
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Over 100 trees planted per person


Spread the cost of funding your trees over a decade.

Cost £12 a year

If everyone in the UK joined this scheme then we would plant over 6 billion trees.



Make a one-off payment and we'll plant your trees ASAP.

Cost: £100

The sooner we can plant your 100+ trees, the better for the planet. 



Every single tree planted makes a difference.

Cost: Up to you

More money equals more trees.


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