A simple affordable plan for businesses

Just £2 per employee per month

The UK needs to plant 1.5 billion trees to become carbon neutral (Committee on Climate Change).

If all private businesses joined our 10 year plan then we would plant over 6 billion trees 4x the requirement above.

So any business joining our scheme plants 4x the average share.

Email us to discuss your requirements: treemail@oblongtrees.com

Most of this page gives details of our 10 year business plan, we can also plant trees to mitigate:

Fleets of vehicles - Per product sold - Events - Travel - Manufacturing - Purchases - Distribution - Advertising Campaigns
and anything else you can think of.

How much CO2 does one tree sequester?
If you need a figure for calculations then we are currently counting one tree planted as sequestering .6 tonnes of CO2 over its lifetime, this also takes into account average survival rates. We've based this on a lot of different sources and have tried to be conservative. So if you've got a certain amount of carbon to mitigate, for example 600 tonnes then we recommend you plant a minimum of 1,000 trees, if you plant more then your carbon will be mitigated sooner. Planting more also gives a bigger guarantee that you've planted enough, it then becomes more a matter of time and how long your trees will take to mitigate your carbon. We're not scientists, if you need precision then please do your own research.

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Our 10 year plan

£2 a month per employee

The UK would need to plant 1.5 billion more trees to become carbon neutral (committee on climate change)
There are over 25 million UK people employed in the private sector, if each of these businesses planted 240 trees per employee then together we would have planted over 6 billion more trees.

Donate £2 a month per employee and over 10 years we'll plant over 240 trees per employee. The trees will be planted responsibly in various areas around the world, including the UK.

We plant and maintain our own trees in the UK, if you want all your trees planted in the UK then that's not a problem, we currently have more UK land available to plant on than funds to plant, our UK trees cost more to plant but we'd be happy to discuss this with you. If you need UK sourced carbon units/credits, then perhaps we can help too, we are planning completely separate tree planting projects purely to generate carbon credits.

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The table above shows typically where we would plant 240 trees, based on our standard 10 year plan.

Very few SME businesses are trying to mitigate the CO2 they produce, many businesses aren't aware of the scale of impact their company has on the environment.

In our own experience we found it difficult to reliably gauge our carbon footprint and then find a trusted supplier to offset it, this led to us stalling for over 6 months whilst we decided what to do.

This website is our solution. We spun the problem on its head and looked at the total amount of CO2 produced by the UK and created a plan to offset each company's share, based on its size. This allows companies to skip trying to estimate their carbon footprint and instantly start making a difference.

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In its lifetime a Dell laptop creates 350kg of CO2. Remember carbon dioxide is a gas, it's extremely light (imagine how big a 350kg cloud of co2 would be). Here is a link to the Dell carbon footprint whitepaper.

The one figure we keep seeing is that it takes one large tree 40 years to absorb 1 tonne of CO2. It would take a grown tree 14 years to offset a dell laptop, but a new tree takes even longer.

Now look at the equipment around your office, think about your journey to work, how many trees do you think it would take to offset your carbon footprint?


We'll use your donation to plant trees - offsetting your carbon footprint.

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You can't beat planting trees
Planting trees is the best way to remove carbon from the atmosphere. By planting trees with us you are helping build and feed communities often in third world countries.

Ongoing feedback
We give each company ongoing feedback on our projects and tree planting. We want tell about our successes and your part in them, we also want to put you in a position to share details of your scheme and its positive effect on the world. We are also looking to create a webpage per client showcasing their trees and the estimated carbon they've sequestered.

Business rewards:

You can opt to have a logo & link on our hall of heroes page.

You can proudly display our carbon offset logo on your website & correspondance.

We'll give you your own webpage to showcase your trees and update you on their status, here is an example: 

We will feed you stories on the epic effects of your plan.

Standard Business Plans


Pay for one year up front and continue with monthly payments.

Initial Cost: £24 per employee
Monthly Cost: £2 per employee

Make a good responsible start to offsetting your carbon footprint.


Spread the cost over 10 years with monthly payments.

Cost: £2 a month per employee

Over 10 years you will have funded over 240 trees per employee.


Take immediate action and plant all your trees ASAP.

Cost: £240 per employee

We'll plant over 240 trees per employee as soon as we can.

Over 240 trees planted per employee

Email us treemail@oblongtrees.com and discuss your business requirements

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